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I organize private adventure tours since 1987. Basis for these trips is the principle of sharing the expenses. I always want to realize a cheap tour as an alternative to the commercial tour-organizators.

For these trips I require travellers which want to be guests in my truck or such who want to ride their own motorbike or to drive their own 4wheel drive. And such who prefere a tour in a private environment than a trip with an avaricious “moneymaker”.

Das neue Expeditionsfahrzeug MAN F2000 mit 540 PS.  In  der Sahara, im Grand Erg Oriental, hat sich die hohe Motorleistung schon bewährt. 2002 musste der MAN seine Bewährungsprobe bestehen.

Here are the foto gallerys of former tours.

Because my Tatras have been very old, I rebuilded a MAN F2000 4x4 semitrailer truck to an expedition mobile.

The climbing of the dunes will be much easier because of it’s higher engine power of 460 HP (540 HP with Chiptuning)

I have been to Libia in 2004. You will find the pictures of this trip here.

Libyen 2000. Fun in den Dünen.
Algerien 2002. Blick vom Assekrem auf die umliegenden Berge des Hoggar Gebirges.

The movie “Libia 2004 - Mohammed, Son Of The Desert” is finally ready! You can get a copy on DVD here, if you are interestet. Unfortunately it is only in German, but the pictures are international ;-)

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