Rebuild Diary


From a sand-lorry to a pist-whizzer

(I hope this is the correct translation)

My latest project was a rebuild of a semitrailer truck (which was used as a truck for roadworks) to an expedition mobile. The MAN F2000 is the ideal base for this rebuild. The series furnishing of the MAN has a higher chassis for heavy duty use. The engine has got 460 HP and so I would say “rich power”. The gearbox was build for a heavy duty use up to 40 tons.

I built the new structure on the original frame. The new structure is made of steel tubes and sheet metal. The loadbox has been fastened to a double-bearing. In the box are the 72 plastic boxes and a lot of space for the equipment. Also there are the tanks for water, gasoline and diesel (capacities).

I replaced the protection plates of the engine - originally made of a kind of cardboard - with steel plates of a thickness of 5 and 10 mm.

The original bumper (made of plastic) I also replaced with a bumper made of steel, which was necessary to fasten the winch.

The original wheels I replaced with off road wheels with the following dimensions:  14.00 R20 Michelin XZL on rims 10.00 V20. For this reason the hight of the chassis raised 15cm.

Because of the big wheels the top speed reached up to 168 km/h. OK, the speed limiter has also been removed ;-)

The engine of the F2000 has got with 460 HP originally a lot of power. But more power is better if you will climb dunes. With “Chiptuning“ the engine has got 540 HP.

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