On tour since 1987

 I organice adventure tours since 1987.

At first I visited Scandinavia and since 1994 I travel through Africa. I used a lot of cars during this period. In the beginning there was a VW-Bus, then two Mercedes-Unimog. After that I changed to a MAN 630 L2A and after that I bought my first Tatra in 1996 and my second in 1997. I traveled with this trucks (the exact name is: Tatra 8x8 T813 Colossus) until 2000. But this trucks where very old and susceptible to repairs. That is why I rebuilt a new truck.

My equipment expanded in the course of the years. A listing would be to much. But the following I want to mention: The most professional tour organizators dont own such a lot of equipment like autogen welding equipment, electric power  generator and tents for all travellers. Cooking and kitchen work are team-efforts. Everyone must peel potatoes, cut onions and everyone has to do dishwashing. Also the building of the tents is team-work. If there are any problems with the motorbikes or 4wheel-drives I will support with my know-how and my equipment. The tours are always planned as tours with many faces. That means: adventure, culture and relaxation complement each other. A tour like the “Rallye Paris-Dakar” is out of the question. The costs of the tour for every person is relatively low, because I do not have to work as a profitable company. It is only important to get the money back that I had to spend for the organisation of the tour .

When the weather is bad: Cooking in the tent.

I have a milling-machine on tour.

For better comfort: ”Real” tables and chairs.

A small extract of my medical equipment.

Pump to draw water from a well.

Electric power generator for drilling machine etc.