Travel in a group?

» Security

The probability of an assault is very remote, but not impossible. In general a bigger group is less interesting for an attacker. But much more important is the help you will get after an accident. For these situations I carry a lot of medical equipment. For example surgical equipment and plaster cast and a lot of medicine. Because there is a lot of space in the truck, it is not necessery to leave a damaged motorbike in the desert after an accident.


» Costs

The travelling in a group is more cheaper than travelling alone. For example it is possible to get group tickets for the ferry etc. Stay over night on a camping area is cheaper with a bigger group. Also you do not have to buy expensive equipment. Modifications of the motorbike are not necessary. You do not have to buy expensive maps and also no GPS-devices.


» Fun

And - do not forget the fun-factor! Campfire in the evening, talk to other people, think about the last day etc. Talk about the motorbikes and the route and much more.


» Planning

A big advantage is the planning of the tour by me. You can keep cool until the tour starts. Before the tour starts I could integrate proposals of the participants to the route.


» Equipment

You do not need special survival equipment. All what you need is an inflateable matress and a sleeping bag. The bikers of course have to take some more things with.


» Film/Photo

A nice souvenir is the film of the tour. Everyone gets a copy on CD and one on VHS. And during the tour a lot of people taking photos. After the tour it is possible to exchange photos with the other travellers.


» Tank/Gasoline

Anyone having made a trip alone through the desert by motorbike knows all the problems with trips like this. You have to load the bike with all the equipment you need. After that the bike is no longer a bike. It is a donkey! But if you load the equipment on the truck you will get full statisfaction while riding the bike. A small tank is enough. You will get fuel every 100 km provided by the MAN.


» Food

One of the travellers said: “During the tour I get better food than at home.” Good catering is one of the important things during the tour. So we do not cook instant meals. If it is possible we buy fresh vegetables on the market etc.