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Welcome to the website of Thomas and Klaus


We organize private adventure tours since 1987. Basis for these trips is the principle of sharing the expenses. We always want to realize a cheap tour as an alternative to the commercial tour-organizators.

For these trips we search travellers which want to be guests in our truck or such who want to ride their own motorbike or to drive their own 4wheel drive. And such who prefere a tour in a private environment than a trip with an avaricious “moneymaker”.

After a longer break and a stopover through South America, we want to return to Africa in 2020. The first step is to go to Morocco in May 2020. We want to drive along the Algerian border following the Oued Draa towards the Atlantic coast.

Those who are interested in participating can contact us now. With our new trailer it is possible for us to take up to 20 motorcycles.

This website is currently under revision. Information will be updated in the coming days and weeks and a detailed description of the planned trip will follow.

IMG_1253 (2)

Shortly after leaving the ConRo freighter “Grande Brasile” in the customs port of Montevideo in Uruguay.